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July 2015

28 Jul 2015

What’s Happening to Your TV Commercials?

When the Super Bowl was on, did you DVR it only to fast forward it and watch the commercials?

For some reason, everyone can’t wait to watch the Super Bowl commercials, but if you’re watching regular TV and there’s a commercial, what do you do?

If you have a DVR, you simply fast-forward it. No one wants to watch them.

The new ways people consume TV nowadays means newer methods of delivering ads.
In fact, Netflix Chief Product Officer, Neil Hunt, thinks the future of TV will be,

“Unbundling cable packages, more personalization of content and an end to TV commercials as we know them.”

Let’s look at how TV commercials are evolving.

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21 Jul 2015

Some Surprising Facts About TV Binge Watching

How you watch TV shows looks different now than it did twenty years ago.

The TV watching lanscape has definitely made a shift over to the digital viewing world. With the rise of mobile phones, tablets and the innovation of the Internet of Things, more and more people are using technology to watch TV.

So, how do you watch TV and videos? Do you binge watch a whole series on Netflix? Do you DVR your shows to watch when you have a bit of spare time?

Maybe you like to have your buddies over for Monday night football or your gal pals over to watch the latest Bachelor?

Or maybe, you watch all your shows on your laptop in bed.

People today are consuming TV differently and here at Tekoia, we want to find out how you consume your shows.

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14 Jul 2015

4K TV: Should You Upgrade?

You’ve been hearing about 4K TVs for a while now. And if you managed to either read about – or even attend – CES 2015 this year, you would have noticed manufacturers are pushing more than ever for the 4K experience.

If you’ve taken a trip to your local electronics store, then I’m sure you’ve come across displays of these new types of TVs. People are talking about 4K – they either love it or think it’s stupid.

You’re probably wondering if it’s worth the upgrade, right? And with the prices comparable to other quality TVs, the jump to a higher resolution TV might be worth it.

Let’s weigh in on what 4K is really about and if it’s time to make the switch.

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07 Jul 2015

What Are The Different Ways We Sit When Watching TV?

It’s been a long day and all you want to do is sit down and watch a little TV.

Is it so much to ask when you work a long day at the office and have to commute an hour and half to get home that you want to relax?

Now that summer is fast approaching and with all the great sporting events to observe, your TV schedule is filling up fast.

We here at Tekoia, want to know, when you come home to relax in front of the TV, how do you sit? Believe it or not, sitting on the couch isn’t the only way to watch TV.

So, let’s look at some ways different people sit in front of the TV.

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