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June 2015

30 Jun 2015

Help! The Remote in the Hotel Room Doesn’t Work

When was the last time you were in a hotel and the remote control didn’t work?

Today I thought I would tell you about my own recent, personal story of how the SURE Universal Remote came to the rescue.

First I would like to introduce myself. I am the VP of Marketing at Tekoia.

Obviously I love the SURE Universal Remote and use it on a daily basis, but I must admit that until last weekend I had only used it in my own home, or showed my family and friends how to use it in theirs.

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23 Jun 2015

What Do You Call Your TV Remote Control?

“Honey, can you pass the blipper?”

All of us have grown up watching TV and it’s only natural that we start to develop some unique names to call our TV remote control.

For some, the “zapper” is their go-to name for the device that changes their channels. While others refer to it fondly by giving it a proper name like Dave or Fred.

Whatever you call it, as long as everyone around you knows what you mean, you can sit comfortably with your favorite TV snack food in hand and enjoy a night of fun TV entertainment.

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16 Jun 2015

Get Ready for the Must-Watch Sporting Events this Summer

The air is warmer, the days are longer and the smell of BBQ cooking makes your mouth water.

It’s summer and it’s time for your favorite summer sports.

You don’t have to love sports to enjoy watching them. Even if you never played on a basketball court or a football field, you have the chance to live vicariously through sports stars on TV.

It also doesn’t matter where you live because sports are universal. So, whether you’re a rugby fan in the UK or a golf fan in the US, this upcoming summer has the must-watch sporting events everyone should see.

Tekoia has rounded up the top games to watch over the summer so read on and see if your sport made the list.

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09 Jun 2015

The 2015 CES Asia Event

Last month we had a chance to view some of the best and innovative tech gadgets to date.

Representatives of Tekoia, including our CEO and Founder, Victor Ariel, attended the CES Asia event, which spanned three days from May 25-27 in Shanghai China.

This is the second time we have attended CES conferences and China proved to be an exceptional event.


The 2015 CES Asia tech trade show showcased innovation in the consumer technology industry. Key businesses from around the globe attended the event to promote their brand and showcase their latest products.

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02 Jun 2015

Funny Places People Find Their TV Remote

It’s Saturday morning and your children want to watch their morning cartoons.

You look on the couch, on the kitchen table, by the TV, but you can’t find it anywhere – where is the remote?

Your children are getting antsy so you enlist their help and, ten minutes later, you find it in the dolls house.

Go figure.

We’ve all been there before – the lost remote.

No matter when it happens – during an annoying commercial, before your favorite show or during a movie – losing the remote usually ends up with everyone in the room getting on all fours in a frantic race to see who can find it first.

At Tekoia, we know how frustrating it can be to lose your remote. This is just one of the reasons why we developed the SURE Universal Remote app for your smartphone.

But, what surprised us the most are all the funny places your remote ends up.

Let’s check out the top 5 funny places people find their remotes hiding.

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