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May 2015

26 May 2015

How Have Everyday Appliances Changed Over the Last 20 years?

Do you take your TV for granted?
Or, how about your computer?

Our everyday appliances have changed dramatically in the last twenty years, but perhaps we all need a memory jolt to appreciate just how much they have changed.

As the world becomes more interconnected, digital technology has allowed TV viewing and Internet browsing to have more options than ever before.

What’s more exciting is how this all happened during our lifespan. Can you even remember a time without the Internet, smartphones or mobile apps?

Let’s take a look at four appliances that are so common in everyday life – we generally take them for granted – and see how they have changed over time.

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19 May 2015

What Do We Snack On When We Watch TV?

Face it – we are busy people. We are working longer days and doing more work, which leaves us stressed out and tired.

All we want to do is relax and enjoy the evening watching our favorite TV shows. And, what better way to watch TV then to have some yummy snacks next to us?

Whether you fancy strange remotes or enjoy some funny TV remote videos, we want to make your TV viewing even more fun and entertaining.

That’s why we decided to see what our customers and readers like to snack on when watching TV. What do people in Australia like to eat? Or, how about in Tekoia’s home base, Israel?

Let’s take a quick trip around the world and get a taste of what people like to eat during their TV viewing time.

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18 May 2015

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Universal Remote That Also Streams Pictures and Videos to Your Smart TV

Take command of your connected home with SURE for Android – control your TV, stream pictures, videos, and music, and lots more using your smartphone

London, UK. May 12th 2015Tekoia, the provider of smart universal remote solutions for digital media, smart appliances and the Internet of Things, today announces the global launch of SURE universal remote the Android app that turns your smartphone into a remote to control your connected home. By using SURE, people can forget about having different remotes for their TV, sound system or other smart appliances in the home.

SURE universal remote enables users to control appliances within the home via a simple-to-use, slick and intuitive mobile app. Using IR and WiFi technology, SURE can control smart TVs such as LG smart TV and streaming products such as Roku.

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12 May 2015

An Easy Way to Help Parents and Grandparents with Technology

Have you suddenly become the first line of tech support for your parents and grandparents?

You thought it was a great idea to get them their own smartphone and upgrade their entertainment system with the latest Blu-Ray player and Smart TV, but all this new technology has led to moaning, groaning and early-morning tech support calls from your parents and grandparents.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a tech-savvy person, to them, you’re the go-to person when it comes to figuring out how to work the TV and listen to the complaints about the iRobot getting jammed under the sofa.

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05 May 2015

Spring Cleaning Tip: This Year Remove All Your Remotes

The tulips are poking their heads through the soil, birds are flying about and you can’t stop sneezing.

spring cleaning
(c) Can Stock Photo

It could only mean two things – your seasonal allergies are back and that dreaded time has come again – spring cleaning time.

As much as you hate to admit it, this is actually a good thing because from the inside, your house could use a good cleaning with all the dirt and dust everywhere and those annoying remotes scattered around the house.

Too bad all your gadgets all come with extra remotes that could easily fill a box. But, with a digital problem, comes a digital solution.

So, our spring cleaning tip for this year is use your smartphone to help you spring clean your house.

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