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March 2015

24 Mar 2015

5 FREE Apps to Make Your Life a Little Easier

Life’s a challenge.

Whether you’re trying to open a bank account, a line of credit or even a jar of pickles, life doesn’t always lend you a hand.
But, with the latest in mobile technology, your day just got easier. There are hundreds of apps available to choose from to help make your life go smoother, but seeking out the best apps can be a full-time job.

Who has time to find apps, check out reviews and see if they are even popular?

At Tekoia, we wanted to make things simpler for you, so we rounded up 5 of the best iOS and Android apps that make your life a little easier.

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16 Mar 2015

The Smart Solution to the Lost Remote Control ­– It’ll Blow You Away

Picture this: it’s Sunday night and the kids are in bed. You finish some last minute work on your smartphone, when your partner tells you The Walking Dead is about to start.

You press, “send,” and turn your attention to your TV.

“Where’s the remote honey?” you ask as you approach the couch.

“I don’t know. Last time I saw the remote, it was on the coffee table.”

There are only 3 minutes until The Walking Dead is on, so both of you fumble around trying to find this cursed remote control.

Eighteen minutes later, after a disappointing start to your relaxing evening, you find your lost remote control hidden in the closet of all places.

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