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November 2014

21 Nov 2014

SureMote – a FREE Universal Remote Control App

SNNLive spoke with Viktor Ariel, CEO of Tekoia Ltd., a private company, at The Israel Conference 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.

With SureMote, you have one free, simple, intuitive universal remote that uses IR Blaster and runs on Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note and HTC One smartphones. SureMote has an extensive database of IR appliances and smart TVs such as Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Apple TV, Western Digital Streamer and many others. It runs on Android devices now, but Tekoia is working on adding the ability to control Wi-Fi devices and also a version for iPhone is in development.

SureMote introduces the concept of the appliance “system”, which is a group of appliances that can be controlled simultaneously. This allows turning the system ON/OFF with the single power button leading to the “one-button” remote solution.

SureMote is always FREE and supported by graphical advertising which appears in a dedicated screen area and does not interfere with universal remote operation. However, if you really dislike ads, there is a subscription option to an ad-free version. We have a strict privacy policy (see the web site link below) and no sign-in is required to operate the software.

SureMote – Free Universal Remote app features:

1. Simple universal remote user interfaceUniversal Remote Download
2. Extensive database of IR appliances and smart TVs
3. Simple test codes for appliance selection
4. Custom systems for controlling multiple appliances
5. Photos and videos streaming to a select set of smart TVs





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