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August 2014

18 Aug 2014

First Easy to Use Smart Universal Remote App

First Easy-to-Use Smart Universal Remote App with Infrared to Control Smart and Legacy Appliances

First mobile app that lets users easily control complex multimedia systems including multiple appliances with just one click

Universal Remote AppSureMote is a FREE Universal Remote Control App for all of your digital media appliances and systems. SureMote uses the built-in Infrared (IR) Blaster in Samsung Galaxy and HTC One Smartphone’s. SureMote cures the headache of dealing with multiple old-fashioned hardware remotes.

With SureMote, you have one free, simple, intuitive universal remote that uses IR Blaster and runs on Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note and HTC One smartphones. SureMote has an extensive database of IR appliances and smart TVs such as Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Apple TV, Western Digital Streamer and many others. It allows easy creation of appliance systems that enable you to control a group of appliances with a single click.

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14 Aug 2014

SureMote app for Android aims to make your Smartphone the only Universal Remote

Most of the top tier smartphones come with an IR blaster, which means you can control your home theater system. That sounds great, but the apps that OEMs offer are still quite limited. For example, you can’t create activities (or macros) that allow you to turn on several devices with the proper inputs/outputs with one button. You also can’t control any devices that have WiFi control such as certain smart TVs and media players. Well SureMote might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Universal controller for LG TV

The SureMote app by Tekoia will finally allow you to remove all those extra remotes from your coffee table. It will not only utilize the IR blaster on your phone, but it will also communicate with devices via WiFi. This not only brings your complete entertainment center to the palm of your hands, but also other appliances and home automation setups.

Setup is a breeze as well. Like most universal remotes, SureMote will have a database of just about every IR compatible device ever made. Just punch in your brands and model numbers and you will be good to go. WiFi device compatibility is still a work in progress. For starters, SureMote works with LG smart TVs, but they will be adding more models very soon.

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