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June 2014

04 Jun 2014

Apple Isn’t The Only Company With A Smart Universal Remote…

SureMote Universal Remote App

Apple Isn't The Only Company With A Smart Home Remote...

One of the most exciting announcements at WWDC 2014 was the iHome Kit feature in iOS 8, which will allow iPhone owners to use their device as a remote to control the smart home. But if you don’t want to wait for Apple to release the iOS 8 update this fall there is an Android app available now in the Google PlayStore that does many of the things iHome Kit will.

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03 Jun 2014

Turn your Android Smartphone into a Universal Remote with SureMote

As a tech writer, I get to see products that are in development that companies plan to release in the months or years to come.


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A couple years ago, I saw a company that was trying to develop an app that would turn your smartphone into a remote control for your television. I was underwhelmed.

Tekoia has done it. Android Smartphone into a universal remote controller

SureMote is their universal remote app that works with both Wi-Fi and infrared that debuts at Computex in Taiwan.

The great things about this app:

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02 Jun 2014

SureMote is the Universal Remote control App to Rule Them All

Ever wanted to be able to control absolutely everything from your phone? SureMote could be the app for you.

SureMote AppDeveloped by Israeli company Tekoia, SureMote will let you control smart TVs, media streamers, robot vaccum cleaners, smart heaters, air-conditioning units and other devices that are becoming part of the increasingly expanding Internet of Things.

The app can communicate with devices via WiFi and infrared (IR), meaning it should be able to control non-smart legacy devices too.

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